V2Go Guidance

V2Go Guidance

We know what it's like to struggle with weight loss and fitness goals. 

We created the solution. 

For less than $11/week- The V Trainer APP- Guidance Program includes:

 Power Consultation including goals assessment and Obstacle Discovery

 Your lifestyle and goals dictate the program for you (number of workouts)

 Active Recovery and Rest days included with guidance and suggestions

 Surprise "floater" workouts given as a bonus, customized to your goals

 Optional weekly accountability weigh-in with your personal trainer

 Progress Photos loaded into your in-app profile to track your transformation

 Automated messages to create accountability

 Direct messaging with personal coach once a week

 Ability to link nutrition app for your all-in-one health app

 Discount on V-Live Sessions

 This is a membership subscription that has customized workouts each week

Click here to view a sneak peek of the app

 *All members are encouraged to have at least one full set of resistance bands.  You can purchase by clicking here!



 We offer TWO pricing options. Please click the price bar below to see your choices and choose what best serves you and your goals