What is The V Trainer?


The V Trainer is a Virtual Personal Training program that is comprehensive and RESULTS-ORIENTED. 

We are bringing the gym to your living room (or wherever you are)...Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian and all!  


Paying for a customized program based off your body. Being able to workout from your home or office when it’s convenient for you.

This all-in-one lifestyle program is designed for anyone looking to achieve their fitness goals with convenience. 

Traveling? No problem! This program is for those that have found it challenging to get in a routine fitness program due to a heavy travel schedule. Workout right in the hotel room and stay on track with your goals. Get up, get changed and start working out!

Nutrition is critical in weight loss, so we hired the best!  Our In-House Registered Dietitian creates our Science Based Reset Meal Plans resulting in safe, effective weight loss to get you to your goals. 

  • Step 1

    Power Consultation. Establish goals and create a plan for your health journey.

  • Step 2

    Complete the Range of Mobility and Fitness assessment with your trainer.  Based on results and goals, customized programming is created.

  • Step 3

    Begin your health journey. 

    You'll receive a private invite to our App where your customized workouts will be loaded in each week.  Your goals are literally in your hands. 

    Experience accountability like you've never experienced!  We know what it takes to get results, we are in your corner through your journey!


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