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The convenience of an app with the support of a personal trainer

Your body. Your program.

Customized fitness. Customized meal plans. One-on-one messaging with your personal trainer. All from your phone - no matter where you are.

Actor Robert Palmer Watkins (General Hospital, The Walking Dead) talks about his experience with The V Trainer!

A personal trainer and program just for you.

The V Trainer has changed my life. I've tried diets, gyms, and even Orange Theory but nothing can compare to this! Personal training, diet plan, daily exercise, and accountability at its best.  The best part is, I don't have to leave home!

Nichole B., FL

As a single mommy of a 7 month old, this program has been so perfect for me. The workouts are about 30 mins and I can do it on my own time when my baby allows, of course. I refuse to make the excuse "I don't have time" so this program has helped me find time! My trainer, Liz, is holding me accountable and helped pick out exercises that make sense for my specific goals. Definitely recommend for the busy Moms & Dads trying to make the best use of their free time.

Kelly B., NC

It’s a virtual personal training program that has completely changed my life. I didn’t realize it until I started seeing the results, not just the weight and inches I’ve lost, but the energy and overall lifestyle I had given up on several years ago. Not only have I lost 18 lbs since April, but I’ve been reacquainted with healthy eating habits and staying active. I owe it all to the constant support and butt kicking workouts I was given through out the program!!

Michelle V., FL

Liz and team equipped me with an effective diet, virtual training over FaceTime (even while I was on business in China), planned workouts to do on my own, and all the coaching and mental motivation I needed to get back in shape and shed 19 difficult pounds! If you’re ready for a transformation or just looking for a boost to your routine I would highly recommend The V Trainer!

Allyson M., CA

The V Trainer is perfect for anyone, after two babies and a hysterectomy, I needed a plan tailored just for me to get my strength and confidence back. This program allowed me to do just that, add in the meal planning and it is everything you need. No gimmicks, just effort.

Sheri L., MI

After a 100lb natural weight loss The V Trainer was born.

I weighed over 300lbs, depressed, low self-esteem and hopeless.

There were so many fad diets and workout options but none of them addressed the deeper root cause of my obesity.

I went on a natural 100lb weight loss transformation over 10 years ago and wrote my blueprint for success. The V Trainer uses a micro-step approach to set up each member to experience consistent wins. The micro-step system is a no-fail approach to begin building confidence for each member to continue expanding their wellness.

The V Trainer now helps hundreds (God willing, hundreds of thousands) of people by customizing a health program specifically for YOUR Mind + body to uncover any blocks and finally reach your goals.

We offer convenience, affordability and customizatoin- this is a program built FOR YOU. You'll receive a personal trainer for personal connection to be able to uncover what's been holding you back from your best life.

You do enough thinking and decision making through the day. Let our team of experts handle your health.

Your personal trainer. At your fingertips.

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