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The Weight Loss Entrepreneur 

Liz Hall is passionate about empowering individuals, specifically those who have struggled with their weight and/or health goals for years, to finally get healthy and lose the weight. She is the founder of the V-Trainer, an app that supports her clients with accountability and an individualized customized plan for their success. The V Trainer was developed after Liz herself lost 100 lbs all on her own with just 1 exercise given to her by a trainer and a couple pieces of advice. She recognized what was desperately missing as she muddled her way through her journey beyond sheer grit and determination. The V Trainer combines a proprietary 3-step approach. 1. A great, empathetic trainer supporting you, holding you accountable. 2. A customized plan that suits your body type and lifestyle.  3. Building a strong mindset approach, this is the key, the reason most programs fail or lack sustainability. Liz has built this for individuals and offers it to companies as a convenient way to support the health goals of their employees.

Liz appeared on The Millissa Jayne show to share some easy ways to boost our immune system and stay healthy... check it out!
Liz was featured on the Audacious Confidence show with Alicia Couri to talk about her journey of losing 100lbs, the mindset around the journey and how she was able to turn her pain into purpose. 
The amazing and talented actor and artist Robert Palmer Watkins (General Hospital) took the time to hear about the story of the owner and founder of The V Trainer.  This is the full length interview with Robert as he speaks with Liz Hall about her personal health struggle, her 100lb weight loss and her solution, which resulted in the creation of The V Trainer. 
Robert found out about The V Trainer program and joined to prep for his upcoming movie role! We couldn’t be more proud of him and excited to have him as part of our V Trainer family!