Is your GPS set to a place that makes you happy?

(Alice) “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” 

“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.

“I don’t much care where–” said Alice.

“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.


I have been traveling the last few months, living the dream I envisioned when I first started my company 8 years ago.  Working from anywhere in the world - serving people around the globe.

There was a morning in Montana, about a week and a half into the 6 week trip, where I was missing my beloved pug who passed on Christmas Eve.  I was wide awake around 4:30am and just couldn’t shake the sadness.  

I decided to look up animal shelters to see if there were any around that needed volunteers.  I found Kootenai Pets for Life in Libby, Montana - all of about 5 minutes away and submitted my application and went on with my morning routine.  I took a walk around 9:00am and started crying again, missing Izzy.  

By 10:00am that morning I received a call (I found out later that they open at 10:00am so I must have been their first call of the day!) They desperately need help, specifically with dog walking and will take as much time as I have.

As expected, I fell in love with the pups.  Lucy, a 9 month old husky, was the first dog I walked.  I learned of her story of hunger and abandonment, being left outside all day on a chain after adoption- and less than a year old.

It became my favorite part of the day. 

When I started volunteering a part of me came back.  I love giving my time (my love language) and where I was a volunteer at the homeless shelter in Fort Lauderdale seemed to change up to serve the furrier souls in my current community. This was a whole new experience bringing so much healing, so many unexpected blessings, lessons and growth.

This particular morning I hopped in my car and a little notification on my phone pops up:

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It was alerting me that I was a few minutes away from Pets For Life - and traffic is light.  

I smiled at the notification because it is such a happy part of my day.

I got to thinking,

Was my GPS always set for places that were so good for my soul? 

I thought back on the days that I was severely depressed and would go to the same bar every night in Ohio.  The GPS update would have updated me on how close I was to drinking away my pain versus sitting with it.

I remembered days that I would sit in traffic on the way to a job that absolutely drained me.  The GPS update would give me a heads up on the route to a place that left me feeling empty and unfulfilled.

I recalled the guy's house I'd have plugged in who I KNEW was bad for me, but I was validating my lack of self worth by way of the relationship. The GPS update would let me know how far away from Home I was

It was such a moment of clarity.  We are setting the GPS for our lives by the choices we make in every moment.

We can use the GPS as an analogy for our decisions, the choices we make each and every moment as we author our lives. 

Where are you going?

Where do you want to go?

Is your GPS going to a place aligned with the future self you are envisioning? 

Is your GPS heading to places filled with love and kindness?

Is your GPS taking you to a place of inspiration?

Is your GPS guiding you to your highest Self?

If not… what is a new address you can plug in?