Let's chat about Imposter Syndrome, shall we?

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter, for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.”
-The Desiderata 

I was approached a few weeks back to be a guest on a podcast- the host asked me if I felt comfortable speaking about Imposter Syndrome.  I was kind of caught off guard.  

I thought, wait, you don’t want to talk about fitness hacks?  We aren’t talking about mindset and goal setting? We aren’t discussing confidence?

Imposter Syndrome is not a topic I had experience in discussing - I didn’t reply right away so I could sit with the request before committing.  

After a bit, I had a major aha moment - this is the PERFECT topic for me.

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I began connecting the dots in my own life and when I experienced Imposter Syndrome so that I could come from a place of authenticity - and the examples flooded my mind.

When I would stop myself from sending media pitches to talk about my story because they would see that I wasn’t a fitness model, but running a transformation company.  
When I would hear someone’s story about their struggles and not offer them my services because I didn’t look a certain way. 
When I wouldn't talk about my weight loss of over 100lbs naturally because I still didn't look like a super model.  
When I would hear athletes tell me they want to get better in their sport, I knew what they needed and didn’t speak up because I don't have the same athletic body that they do.

I have yet to look like a fitness model or the quintessential face of personal training.  My physical body has changed and the biggest transformation was with my mindset and the steps I took to overcome Imposter Syndrome because I was letting it stop me from...


Helping someone have the body they want

Sharing my story to let others know they are not alone

Getting an athlete to their highest potential

Helping someone save their life by taking control of their health

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And here is the real question must be followed by analysis.

Am I an imposter

It's the same as...

“Am I a narcissist?” 

If you ask… you most likely are not.  

In my opinion when we talk about imposter syndrome, we are talking about lack of confidence and the “thief of joy” ...AKA comparison.

When I broke out of imposter syndrome I asked myself a few questions,

An imposter tries to pull the wool over someone’s eyes.  Have I tried to do that?  Nope.

An imposter fakes what they are able to achieve.  Have I lied about what I am able to achieve for people? Nope.

An imposter is a conman/woman who tries to steal.  Is that my come-from?  When I first started my company my dad called me one day because he caught word I was giving away training. He said, “Liz, you are not a nonprofit. You need to make money”  So… no on that one too. 

So the question to ask is not, am I an imposter.  

The question to ask (and where the healing lies) is:

Who am I comparing myself to? 

Why do I feel I don't deserve this?


Dig up some evidence as to why you are the PERFECT person to be in the position you are in. 

For me it was pulling out client before/after photos to remind myself of what incredible transformations happened under my guidance.  I would pull out my own transformation of pictures back in the day and put them next to present day pictures to prove to myself that - OF COURSE I have a transformation company - look at what I did for myself!

It is a CHOICE to stay comparing ourselves with others and it is a CHOICE to stay committed to FEELING like an imposter -  and it is a CHOICE to step into your power KNOWING YOU ARE NOT.

When we stop comparing we can start LIVING in our authenticity and serving the people that need our gifts, our story and our value to help them overcome their struggles. 

You cannot be invited to an interview where you wouldn’t be able to add value to the company/the position.  Unless you lied on your resume, you were INVITED to the interview because you are a strong candidate. 

You cannot be invited to speak on something where your voice won’t make a difference.

You cannot attract someone into your life that isn’t aligned in some way with who you are or the gifts you can give.

Remember who the f*^* you are.  Believe in yourself.  You deserve all the good things that are presented to you, don’t talk yourself out of receiving them.

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