Basic F + F

Get powerful results that last. 

Basic Fit +Food gives you everything you need to jump start your weight loss journey.  Your own personal trainer creating customized workouts for your body + a team of Registered Dietitians creating meal plans that work with what YOU like. 

Real goals.  Real food.  Real results. 

 3 Customized workouts/week and meal plan for the month 

 Registered Dietitians creating a meal plan for YOUR body and lifestyle

 Generate shopping lists based off your custom meal plan 

 Active Recovery and Rest days included with guidance and suggestions

 Optional weekly accountability weigh-in with your personal trainer

 Progress Photos loaded into your in-app profile to track your transformation

 Ability to link nutrition app for your all-in-one health app

 Subscription to our newsletter to receive recipes, tips and tricks

 24/7 Access to the app 

 Movement videos in-app to show proper form 

 This is a membership subscription that has customized workouts each week