Immersion F + F

The V Trainer immersion F + F bundle gives you the guidance so that you don't have to think about anything regarding your health journey.

The Immersion program outlines everything you need for each day for workouts and nutrition as well as stress management.  This is the epitome of a health overhaul where your only job is to commit to your health and take action.  We have the rest handled as far as getting you to your goal!

 Power Consultation including goal assessment and Obstacle Discovery

 Two way chat with your trainer 

 Weekly Call in with your trainer

 Weekly and monthly goal setting with your trainer

 Your lifestyle and goals dictate the customization of workouts and meal plan

 Registered Dietitians creating meal plans you will stick with to get results

 Grocery list to prepare for success 

 Active Recovery and Rest days included with guidance and suggestions

 Bonus workouts customized to your goals

 Weekly accountability weigh-in with your personal trainer

 Progress Photos loaded into your in-app profile to track your transformation

 Direct messaging with personal coach once a week

 Ability to link nutrition app for your all-in-one health app

 Subscription to our newsletter for recipes, tips and tricks

 This is a membership subscription that has customized workouts each week