Immersion Fit

We know what it's like to struggle with weight loss and fitness goals. 

We created the solution. 

The V Trainer Immersion Fit program is giving you the opportunity to work with a personal trainer for a fraction of the cost.

 Power Consultation including goal assessment and Obstacle Discovery

 Weekly call with your trainer

 Monthly goal setting call with your trainer 

 In-app calendar telling you exactly what to do and showing you how to do it

 Ability to send videos to your trainer for safety and modifications

 Your lifestyle and goals dictate the customization so the program works FOR YOU

 Customized workouts for YOUR body and lifestyle

 Weekly weigh-in 

 24/7 Access to your program

 Bonus workouts, customized to your goals

 30 day bonus challenges

 Progress Photos loaded into your in-app profile to track your transformation

 Two-way messaging with your personal trainer 

 Ability to link nutrition app for your all-in-one health app

 Subscription to our newsletter for recipes, tips and tricks 

 This is a membership subscription that has customized workouts each week

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