The V-Reset 28 Day Meal Plan

The V-Reset 28-Day Meal Plan is designed to detoxify the entire body.  The V-Reset focuses on the body’s liver and kidneys. Our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist designed this plan to take effect within the first few days. It starts with a low carbohydrate, high protein meal plan, in which the body begins cleansing.

The plan continues by adding healthy carbohydrates and fats to naturally allow the metabolic processes to efficiently burn stubborn body fat. This process may sound complex but the plan is designed to be simple, easy to follow and effective. It also includes a flexible food guide used to exchange foods to fit personal needs.  The 28-day meal plan includes recipes for each day as well as a grocery list for the month.  The macronutrient guide is included to allow you to customize your meal plan based on your taste and preferences for food.